Spinal Mobilisations and Manipulations

Spinal mobilisations

Spinal mobilisations are low velocity, sustained or repeated movements of a joint within its natural range that help reduce pain, spasm and increase joint range of movement.

There are lots of different mobilization techniques, some of which involve the patient working with the therapist, actively moving their joint with assistance, and others which are more passive.


You may even be taught some self-mobilisation techniques so that you can maintain the benefits of increased freedom of movement and reduced pain at home.

Spinal Manipulations are performed a bit faster and take the joint further in to range but still within its anatomical limit.

Sometimes you will hear a ‘click’ and this is called ‘cavitation’ where there is a release of pressure between two joint surfaces. Like mobilisations, manipulations are used to restore movement, function and reduce pain and spasm.

How Does it Help?

Lots of studies have shown that spinal mobilisations and manipulations, used in conjunction with exercise and rehabilitation, are more effective at alleviating pain and disability in patients with neck and back pain in both the short term and long term when compared with exercise alone or no treatment (Miller et al 2010; Gross et al 2010)


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