Myles Cottrell

Myles Cottrell


Myles trained at the British School Of Osteopathy (BSO) for five years, qualified in 2004, and moved to Ireland. The BSO has a worldwide reputation for excellence in teaching and safety, and Myles has since gone on to complete many post-graduate studies, including Cranial Osteopathy. With a strong and experienced sports background, sports injuries is one of his specialties – Myles helps a wide range of sports people back to full health, from individual amateurs and people involved in recreational pursuits, to professional athletes and teams.

Myles’ specialist areas: spinal mobilisation and manipulation, craniosacral therapy and pregnancy treatments.


“Having suffered with neck and back pain for many years and received lots of treatment from Chiropractors and Physiotherapists, I finally found relief after only four treatments from Myles. The difference between Myles and previous treatments was that the relief was permanent not temporary.”

Mr. Michael Lenihan, CEO of National Maternity Hospital at Holles Street

“The demands placed on me by a busy job and playing with the senior Meath Football team mean that I need to be in good physical shape at all times. Myles’s treatments have helped me to recovery from injuries as well as stay fit and healthy on a daily basis.”

Anthony Moyle, Senior Meath Footballer

“I have attended Myles Cottrell for over ten years, where he has provided a very professional and courteous service. Not only can he speedily diagnose and treat my back and associated ailments, but he also gives advice and exercises to strengthen the support muscles. This can reduce the back pain which greatly increases my quality of life and gets me back on the golf course. I have recommended Myles to many friends and colleagues over the years.”

Donal, Dublin