Some of our success stories

Cycling Case Study: Dave, 50s – Total Hip Replacement

Our case study involves 50-year-old ‘Dave’, who came to us with left hip and knee pain that was made worse by cycling or running. He had been treated by a number of other therapists, but with no significant positive outcome.


When Dave arrived at BodyMed, his physio conducted a thorough assessment which indicated a possible hip pathology or injury. Dave’s GP was informed, and subsequently referred him for MRI scans. Investigations showed that Dave had arthritis in his hip, and a total hip replacement was recommended.

The surgery was carried out in December and a goal set for Dave to be fully rehabilitated by July, so that he would be able to compete in the Montte – a one-day section of the Tour De France, involving a 4,800km cycle and a climb of 170km.

We started Dave with specific hip strengthening exercises on land, progressed to the pool, and then to the bike. A professional bike fitting at BodyMed was combined with physio, acupuncture, and strength/conditioning. What happened next? Dave completed the Montte, and finished a very impressive 9th!

There are numerous other success stories involving patients with scoliosis, frozen shoulders, migraines, and leaky gut syndrome, to mention but a few. We will use this section to rotate these stories, so keep checking here for more good news. You never know, your story could be next!


Other Success Stories to follow….