Mariola Stypułkowska

Mariola Stypułkowska

Mariola obtained her MSc (Master`s) Physiotherapy degree at Medical University of Bialystok, Poland and has subsequently secured her standing as one of Ireland’s leading Women’s Health Physiotherapists completing numerous, internationally recognised courses in:

* Physiotherapy assessment and treatment of the female pelvic floor
* Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques for treatment of the Pelvic Floor
* Ultrasound imaging for Pelvic Health Physiotherapy
* Breast Health & Lactation
* Pessary Fitting
* Dry Needling
* APPI Pilates Matwork

As many woman will know, Physiotherapists specialising in women’s health are few and far between and finding one as highly qualified as Mariola, even harder.

We know that it is a big step to ask for help with personal issues, but rest assured that within minutes of meeting Mariola, you will feel totally at ease, encouraged by her kindness and empathy, but also from **that feeling you are in the care of someone who really knows their specialist area**.

If any of the issues listed below are causing you concern, and you would love some help to make your life easier and more enjoyable, definitely book in with Mariola, or drop her an email to find out more ([email protected])

👉🏼 pelvic pain & pubic symphysis disorder

👉🏼 bladder and bowel problems,

👉🏼 ante-and post-natal rehabilitation,

👉🏼 pelvic organ prolapse

👉🏼 breastfeeding issues

👉🏼 Issues relating to menopause

👉🏼 Urinary incontinence

. . . . and much more!


Just in case you are still on the fence:


*“I can`t thank Mariola enough for what she has done for me. I didn`t think it would be possible for me again to go out without worrying where the nearest toilet is. She gave me my life back.”
Maired, Dublin*