Phil Greenfield

Phil Greenfield

Mc Timoney Chiropractor


After graduating from the McTimoney Chiropractic School in Oxford UK, Phil ran his own practice in Derby since 1992, and moved to Ireland in September 2021. Over the years Phil has helped hundreds of people find relief from a wide variety of body pain problems, both acute and long-standing, or thus far ‘unsolved’ painful conditions, using a mixture of McTimoney Chiropractic (known for being extremely gentle and effective) and Zero Balancing (a deeply relaxing form of manual therapy drawing on the principles of osteopathy, and Eastern medicine practices), as well as movement, posture and breathing exercises that are both easy and pleasant to do. Phil is a highly renowned and respected practitioner, having been invited as a guest speaker on many platforms internationally, and has published a book entitled ‘Unravelling – Letting Go, Getting Well’. We are very lucky to have him at BodyMed. Here are just a few testimonials that speak for themselves…

Gary P:
“Phil has managed my skeleton since I was 14. I am now 38. He has a unique and precious skill at fixing the body when needed. Sport injuries, accidents and growing pains… he sorted them all!”

Mark T:
“Having tried various treatments in an attempt to alleviate my back/neck and shoulder issues from years of bad posture and hard labour work. Phil was recommended to me and I’m so glad they did! I can honestly say I feel fixed for the first time since I can remember. I am able to go about my daily work much more comfortably and with a confidence in my physical ability.”

Jess B:
“What a gentleman Phil is, such empathy and kindness that is rare to find in any practitioner. He also knows his stuff and is one of the only people to help my poor fibro body to be pain free and to relax its grip on my bones. I happily drove for over an hour to see him, and would do again!”

Mark C.
“Phil takes the time to speak with you to better understand you, your lifestyle, and what has led you to being in front of him. He has extraordinary insight into what works and what doesn’t work from a therapeutic perspective. Do not expect to be twisted up like or pretzel or have your bones cranked ‘into their correct position’. Instead he’ll offer gentle hands-on work, and give you exercises that will address your issues and that are easily performed in conjunction with alterations to movement behaviours that you probably don’t even realise you are doing. Cannot recommend Phil highly enough.”