Patella Tendinitis

The patella tendon attaches our knee cap to our shin bone. Irritation of this tendon, commonly through repetitive strain, causes irritation and inflammation of the tendon resulting in anterior knee pain, below the front of the knee cap. Also known as jumper’s knee, patellar tendonitis is often seen in adolescents during growth spurts, people with poor foot posture, those with tight leg muscles and/or immobile hips and/or poor gym technique. Aggravated by jumping or walking down the stairs, Patellar tendonitis is graded by the frequency and intensity of pain. Initially on setting after sport, pain can start to onset during the warm up and after sport, during sport and finally during everyday life. Due to the many different factors contributing to Patellar

Tendonitis, a full body mechanics through assessment is essential for full recovery. Physiotherapy including dry needling, acupuncture, manual therapy, mobility and strength exercise have all been seen to assist full recovery of Patellar Tendonitis. In more severe cases, a corticosteroid injection by our sports physician may also help.

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