Meniscal Injury

Meniscal injuries are a common knee injury that can result from an acute twisting incidence such as during sport or repetitive stress on the knee joint due to poor movement patters or with age. Meniscus is a C-shaped cushion that acts to stabilize the knee and absorb shock through the joint. A minor irritation to the meniscus can result in pain and swelling but with correct diagnosis, can be successfully treat within 2-3 weeks.

If there is a moderate tear in the meniscus you may experience symptoms such as progressive pain and swelling over 24/48 hours, stiffness and restriction on bending and straightening your knee and sharp pain on twisting motions. Without efficient diagnosis and effective physiotherapy treatment, these symptoms could last long term. A sever tear is when a piece of the torn meniscus gets caught in the joint space causing the knee to catch and lock often with pain and swelling. In stability, feeling the knee will give way is also a sign of a meniscal tear.

Symptoms can be relived and return to pain free daily living can be achieved with the correct physiotherapy and exercise program while highly active sports (wo)men may need to be referred for an MRI from our in house sports physician and undergo keyhole surgery.

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