Newborns and babies

Our Osteopaths at BodyMed love treating babies! Many of the stresses and strains of birth that lead to crying, irritability, feeding difficulties, colic and sleep disturbances respond quickly to gentle Osteopathic treatment.



Growth and development can be a challenging time for a child’s body. This can lead to sleep and behavioral problems, hyperactivity, ear-nose-throat infections, lowered immunity, co-ordination and postural issues. Our Osteopaths will help your child to unwind from the restrictions that prevent their natural health from shining through.


Teenagers have a lot to cope with: exam stress, physical demands of sport, budding adulthood and peer pressure (plus, they can grow, on average, up to 10cm in a few months). These can bring on issues relating to physical and emotional balance, growing pains, sports injuries, as well as postural strains including scoliosis. At BodyMed we have a particular set of skills and group of expert practitioners who treat teenagers via an integrated approach, appropriate to their age and needs.

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