Laser Bike Fitting

Laser Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting at BodyMed follows the BIKEFIT approach. BIKEFIT is the worldwide leader in bike fitting with their products and education being used by Olympic Champions, World Champions, Grand Tour Winners and cycling enthusiasts all over the globe.


Bike Fitting is different to getting advice on the correct size of bike frame, in that it makes multiple adjustments to the bike so that it closely fits the unique dimensions of individual cyclist.

The ultimate goal of every bikefit is to:

  • Optimise performance and efficiency
  • Improve cycling comfort
  • Reduce risk of injury and/or assist recovery from injury
  • Improve race position

One of the unique ways that the BikeFit approach achieves this is through its emphasis on the foot/pedal connection to help align the foot and knee during cycling.

When the knee is directly over the foot, no power is lost between delivery from the strong muscles of the glutes and quads to the point of delivery at the pedal and ultimately, the wheels. When the hip-knee-foot are not aligned however, this creates lower limb instability, loss of power and ultimately, pain. When many cyclists average 27,000* revolutions of the pedals on a 50 mile ride, the importance of this aspect of the bikefit is obvious.

The BikeFit also ultilises multi-dimensional measurements and adjustments to resolve issues of discomfort through the upper body, thereby reducing areas of pressure and strain.

The Fit Process

  • A Chartered Physiotherapist (and fellow bike enthusiast!) will discuss your particular cycling goals, injury history and areas of discomfort experienced when riding,
  • Your movement patterns and joint mobility are first assessed off the bike
  • You are then assessed on your bike, making note of
    • Foot / Cleat position
    • Foot / Knee alignment
    • Knee over Pedal Spindle Alignment (KOPS)
    • Hip/Knee angles
    • Saddle position
    • Position / Movement of Pelvis during cycling
    • Shoulder / Elbow angles
    • Hand position
    • Comfort


At the end of the bikefit, you should feel that the bike is an extension of you and that the ride feels both more comfortable as well as more efficient and powerful.

We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic and helping you on the way to many enjoyable miles of cycling

* 27,000 = 2.5hrs at 20mph with 90 pedal RPMs x 2 (for both feet/legs)

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