K.O.R.E. Therapy

K.O.R.E. Therapy

After 25 years of development KORE Therapy has proven itself outstandingly successful in many areas of illness and recovery, sporting performance and fitness, offering a a system that clearly complements physiotherapy and osteopathy.

KORE integrates both Western & Eastern assessment and treatment skills utilizing strength and orthopedic muscle testing to ascertain the root cause of many conditions, injuries, imbalance and poor performance in your structure leading to injuries not going for years.

KORE has been used all over the world by individuals, European Golf Tours, police, government councils, royalty, health resorts, English Golf Union, Fiat, international and premiership football teams, and many more companies and sporting organizations.

KORE’s success is based on the fact that it searches for, and treats the reason ‘Why’ you are suffering, leads the therapist to go to the root cause of the injury and identify the structural pattern and resolve the source issue.

A typical Kore Therapy session will include questioning the patient to find out type pain/injury suffered, case history before structural diagnostic muscle tests. Going on these tests the therapist would identify the pattern of structural adaption that has most likely lead to your current condition and proceed to all techniques to rest the structure. Once the various techniques have been used to balance the body a retest is carried out to see what changes occur since the beginning of the session so a clear treatment plan can be followed that is measurable in improvements.

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