Exercise and Functional Rehabilitation

Exercise and Functional Rehabilitation

The human body is an amazing piece of machinery which is designed to move in multiple planes and directions. The efficiency of this machine can be compromised when we begin to perform repeated movements in a limited range, such as when we have to sit at a desk for 8 hours or participate in a sport that places increased demands on certain parts of the body.

When treating a patient, hands-on techniques supplemented with acupuncture or electrotherapy etc. are often the treatment of choice in the initial stages to ease pain and treat the underlying structural causes. But, without exercise and functional rehabilitation poor movement patterns that are hard-wired in our brains will remain and frequently the patient’s symptoms will slowly return.

Weak links in the body’s functioning cause ‘energy leaks’ where poor efficiency results in unnecessary work or movement, placing stress on joints and soft tissues.

Assessment & Screening

At BodyMed, a functional screening will be performed as part of your physiotherapy assessment where muscle length, strength, biomechanical alignment and efficiency of movement will be checked.

Based on the findings, you will be provided with a personalised exercise program that will be tailored to your needs, whether that is a home exercise program, gym based program or sport specific drills to prepare you for return to sport.

One to one training sessions in our gym are available, together with athlete screening / fitness tests for return to sport. By teaching you the underlying causes for your injury and how you can rehabilitate them, physiotherapy aims to put you back in control and back to doing what you love best.

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