Dry needling is a treatment that has become very popular over the last few years for it’s instant and long-lasting benefits in reducing both acute and chronic muscle tightness. It works by inserting a needle in to a ‘trigger point’ which can form as a result of injuries or overuse and cause strain and pain throughout the muscle. They are like an electricity switch that gets stuck in the ‘on’ position, sending a constant supply of static electricity in to the muscle so that even after massage, the tightness comes back.

Dry needling works by

  • causing a chemical reaction and the release of neurotransmitters which block the transmission of pain messages;
  • alters the length-tension of muscle fibres, decreasing muscle tone and improving range of motion in associated joints
  • improves blood flow & oxygenation of muscles making the muscles more pliable and less painful.

The needle is only left in for a very short while but the benefits last for several days after the first session and longer with multiple sessions. Many of our patients say that getting dry needling is less painful than some manual therapy techniques and often prefer it as a treatment. Why not try it for yourself.

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