Paul O’Regan

Paul O’Regan


With a degree in Oriental Medicine, and with over 17 years experience in the health care and fitness industries, Paul is a vastly experienced therapist. For five years, he worked as a personal trainer in one of Ireland’s best gyms. He then studied the specialized disciplines of structural realignment and Tung’s acupuncture, as well as travelling to Japan to undertake further studies in the subjects. He has also operated two of his own clinics in Dublin city centre. With such a wealth of detailed study and hands-on experience, Paul has seen the best results for treating injuries and illness emerge from a synergy of western medicine principles (physical therapy, food regulation, psychological balance, internal health) and acupuncture.

Paul’s specialist areas: Tung’s Acupuncture, K.O.R.E. therapy, body alignment, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


“Twelve months ago I started suffering with severe back pain… I went into Paul’s treatment room on my hands and knees… and I have come out a non-smoker (after 12 years), in better health than ever with zero pain in my back – not bad for a few sessions with Paul.”

Maura, Dublin, 30’s

“I have been experiencing upper and lower back pain that can make it very difficult for me to move, even walk when it flares up… Since taking up acupuncture treatments with Paul I have noticed a considerable improvement in the severity and frequency of the issue… I find that Paul is very professional and thorough in his initial examination and is very patient at explaining the various causes and the holisitic methods he will employ as preventative measures.”

Ken, Clontarf