Colm Daly

Chartered Physiotherapist

Dr Colm Daly is a Chartered Physiotherapist with extensive experience in the area of musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.  He also works in the Central Remedial Clinic, where he specialises in assessing human movement, with a particular focus on providing diagnostic, treatment and surgical guidance for children and adults with a physical disability.  He has worked at the highest levels of elite sport having been the lead physio to both the Dublin and Ballyboden senior hurling teams.  Colm spent a 4 year period in London where he worked with elite sports people in a multidisciplinary specialist hospital setting.  In addition, he provided specialist spinal therapy in a busy Canary Wharf clinic.  He also managed to squeeze in both masters and doctoral qualification in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.  He is a published expert in hamstring injury and has extensive experience of successfully treating a wide array of sports injuries as well as complex back and neck pain.   Colm’s approach to physiotherapy is based on a deep knowledge of human biomechanics and performance.  He targets movement and postural control deficits whilst being sensitive to the complexity of underlying peripheral and central pain mechanisms.  He has trained in manual therapy including joint mobilisation/manipulation, neural desensitisation approaches, myofascial release (including dry needling) and other soft-tissue techniques.  He firmly believes that long-term rehabilitation is dependent on enabling the patient to restore normal function for daily living.


I confirm that I have known Colm Daly for two years as team physiotherapist for the Dublin Senior Hurlers. At all times I have found Colm to be reliable, hard-working and courteous.  His treatment programmes, techniques and exercises were hugely effective.

Anthony Daly

Former Dublin Senior Hurling Manager

Two-time All-Ireland winning captain

Colm Daly is an extremely effective practitioner. He has done for me what other similar practitioners have failed to do over a period of 30 years, which is to motivate me to deal with some underlying problems. Overall great experience of medical science, and a lot of fun.

  1. E. 31st July 2013

‘Nothing to fault! It was agony to relief very quickly’.

  1. H-H 3rd April 2015

Colm made me think ‘outside the box’ and managed to convince me that my back problem was not slip disc related, but rather caused by a strain of muscles. His treatments have been very effective. It’s going to be difficult to find a replacement physio in Melbourne!! Thanks for everything Colm’.

  1. L 30th December 2014

Having spent 6 months seeking treatment/diagnosis from a variety of ‘Specialists’, it was a delight to meet Colm, who diagnosed my issue & provided effective treatment & sound advice’.

  1. H 30th December 2014

Colm has been very helpful and has helped me understand my problem better. Extremely happy with this .. physio’.

  1. U 20th November 2014