Schroth Scoliosis Circuit Training Classes

Kathy Kavanagh

Starting from 7th May 2019

Starting from 7th May 2019


We are so excited to introduce Schroth Circuits for our scoliosis patients. We understand that it is hard doing your rehab at home on your own. Where is the fun in that? And what if you are not doing the exercises correctly? So we listened to our patients who all said that if they had a class to go to, that would make the world of difference to being able to keep on top of things and keep motivated.

The classes are based on the Schroth Principles of treatment and rehab with exercises including:

  • 3-Dimension approach: The spinal joints move in all 3 planes, therefore any exercises to correct the way they move must be done in 3 planes.
  • Specific mobilisation of the stiff segments of the spine to help maintain flexibility and mobility
  • Stretching the concave parts of the spinal curve to lengthen the spine
  • Strengthening to stabilise the spine and help arrest curve progression
  • Increase awareness of postural correction in every day activities for greater carry-over effect.



THIS CLASS IS FULLY BOOKED OUT (01/04/2019), HOWEVER WE ARE TAKING NAMES OF THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN US RUNNING A SECOND CLASS (Probably again on Tuesdays after the other the other class from 7.15pm – 8.15pm) SO STILL GET IN TOUCH!

  • Start Date:                                  7th May 2019
  • Day:                                             Tuesdays
  • Time:                                           6-7pm
  • Max Class size:                          6
  • No. of Schroth Therapists:     2
  • Duration:                                   6 weeks
  • Introductory Offer:                  €150
  • To Book:                     Call the clinic on –  01 853 2788. Places will be given on a first come, first served basis.                                                              –                                    (If there is a waiting list, we will try to put on another class for those interested.)
  • * Pre-requisite of having had an assessment with one of our Schroth Therapists so we know which exercises to include in your program to make sure you get the most out of the 6 weeks.