Nutritional Workshops / Group Training

Our Nutritional Therapist offers workshops/ talks to all age groups and circumstances. During these workshops you will learn practical information that you can put into action to help enhance your energy, performance, control your weight, and improve lifelong health. 

Workshops and talks can be tailored to specific groups and also the lifestyle of the group. Here are some examples:

  • Nutrition Basics For a Healthier You
  • High Energy Eating
  • Sports Nutrition: Enhancing your performance through healthy eating
  • Holiday Nutrition Strategies: Surviving The Holiday Bulge
  • Debunking Dietary Myths: Weight loss Strategies That Work!

Please download the Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire and fill it out before attending one of our sessions.

Want to speak to one of our staff about this this service? Get in touch via our contact form or by calling us on (01) 853 2788.