Lisa Hughes


A graduate of the Institute of Health Sciences, and a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, Lifestyle Coach and Lorisian Practitioner, Lisa’s love of food and nutrition started at a young age. She studied Culinary Arts in DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology), and gained in-depth knowledge of the food industry as well as the importance of preparing and cooking meals with wholesome raw materials. This has allowed Lisa to develop, on a client-by-client basis, individually tailored meal plans that are nutrient dense, full of flavor and easy to prepare. As a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, Lisa is an active member of the NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland) and adheres to their code of professional practice. She is also passionate about using the functional medicine approach to health and nutrition.

Lisa’s specialist areas: nutrition for high performance, nutrition guidelines for parents/child minders, female hormone testing, adrenal and thyroid testing, food intolerance testing.


“From our very first meeting, Lisa put me at ease and has led me on a journey to rediscover the benefits of good nutrition. I used to suffer from fatigue and digestive problems, but since following Lisa’s plans and recipes I have seen a notable difference, particularly in my strength training sessions, where I have better stamina and endurance. The change now is truly remarkable. I would highly recommend Lisa, as she is outstanding in her care and attention to her clients.”

Ciara, Dublin 2 (30s, Account Manager, active gym goer, Pilates)


“I had a consultation with Lisa about avoiding catching a flu or cold or getting rid of one when I started to get sick a few weeks ago! 

I also didn’t want to spend €70 on going to the Doctor and getting antibiotics that would only fix me temporarily, she gave me a recommendation of taking Vitamin C regularly, gave me a schedule on how much to take, and when to take it. 

I started doing so about a month ago and I honestly have not felt better. Because I’m so busy, I would usually get sick more than I’d like. But Lisa’s advice is an absolute game (life) changer. I can’t believe how good I’m feeling, just by taking Vitamin C everyday!

I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough if you’re looking to improve your health, she is the woman to go to.”

(Tara, 2o’s, Radio Presenter – Busy professional)