Our BodyMed Story

The BodyMed Approach

The concept for BodyMed gradually evolved from experience of working in different sectors from Public to Private Hospitals, and from Private Practice to working with various national and international sports teams. The common denominator was that the most successful outcomes came about when a number of different specialties worked together and when practitioners combined their expertise.

Initially, BodyMed’s founder, Kathy Kavanagh, would refer patients to various experienced colleagues in acupuncture, osteopathy, strength and conditioning, psychology, massage and medicine. During this process, the different specialties would feed back to each other about the patient as well as the course of action they recommended, or that had provided the best results.


When an opportunity arose for what was then known as the ‘PhysioCentre’ to move to larger premises, Kathy decided to bring together a ‘dream team’ of therapists, each of whom were experts in their field, and who would work together under one roof, for the betterment of their patients. This new practice, putting patients at the heart of our service, was named BodyMed.


In just under two years from the time of its conception in January 2015, to now, we have grown to 14 staff members from six different therapies and over 2,000 clients. We truly believe BodyMed was the right idea to serve our clients in a new and better way!

Proud Partner of Westwood Gym

Today, BodyMed is the proud partner of Westwood Gym in Clontarf, and look after various clubs from schools level right up to county and inter-county competitive sport.

We are constantly evolving to get even better at what we do.  Part of this process is built on feedback from our patients – telling us what they would like to see at the clinic in terms of new services, classes, or free public seminars.


The other important part of the process lies with each therapist.  We are all lucky enough to love our jobs and feel passionate about what we do. This drives us to continually want to learn more, and we invest in the latest courses to keep up to date on research and continually renew our skill base. The ultimate benefactors of all of the above, is you, our clients!

One famous coach attributed his success to “leaving no stone unturned.” We like to think that this is what BodyMed does for our patients, and we will always continue to help you perform at your very best.